Friday, November 16, 2007

A turn-up for the books

Well, a turn-up for me at any rate. Still getting the reviews in, still polishing the book. Actually, I put up a short story on YWO as well, and it was doing better in the ratings than Amelia's Body, so I wrote another and that did well too, so I wrote another! So I now have four pieces on the site getting reviewed but I won't bother transferring any of the shorts reviews to this blog. I'll let you know my star-ratings as they come in/change though (these are averages of all the individual reviewers' ratings, stars awarded out of 5).

They give you an overall rating and then a second rating which is your 'genre fans' rating, i.e. ratings given by people have your chosen genre listed amongst their favourite reads. So far I have:

Amelia's Body - overall: 3.5*, genre fans: 4* (out of 5)

Privet - overall 4*, genre fans 4.5* !!

Love Child - overall 3.5*, genre fans 4*

Celeb - not enough reviews for a star rating yet - need four at least

So I'm pretty chuffed with all that, especially as everyone's trying to get their own stuff into the top ten at the end of the month, so there is little incentive to mark highly.




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