Tuesday, October 30, 2007

3rd YWO Review, no more rejections yet

'Alastaira1' wrote:
I found this a very well crafted and competent piece of work. The plot, characters and dialogue all appear very natural and believable. The pace is fast and it is generally tightly written. I think the constant changes in points of view work well, and no doubt will slowly build up a complete 360 degree picture of Amelia and her death just as a police investigation attempts to do- so a very effective device.

My only criticisms were 1) A little more descriptive to create a stronger sense of atmosphere and place, and 2) The reader is being required to absorb a huge amount of information very quickly: names, relationships, places, events, timelines, which I frankly found quite tiring and to be honest I did find my concentration starting to stray at times. While I wanted to stick with it because the story is interesting and seems fairly novel in spite of a very crowded genre I did find my enthusiasm sagging at times under the weight of all this information -obviously you want to keep the pace brisk, but is there some way you can also weave in a certain atmosphere or suspense which I found lacking?


Blogger Raindrops to Rainbows said...

I love your blog so much, ive been reading your posts for a few wks and cant keep away!
Id love to write a book one day, maybe one day il do it!
take care,
lindsay xx

PS:Im new to blogging and would welcome visits to my blogs if you have the time

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