Friday, November 16, 2007

Girly things

I've been getting so sick of never having anything new that, a couple of weeks ago, I broke out my credit card and went shopping on the Boden website. The stuff has now arrived and I was sure I'd get that familiar sick, guilty feeling but it was all lovely so I'm keeping it! I went through my whole wardrobe, deciding what was worth keeping and what wasn't and I actually IRONED several things that I haven't worn in years because they had taken up semi-permanent residence at the bottom of the ironing basket. I organised my wardrobe BY COLOUR and, after getting dressed in my new clothes, I actually went into the bathroom and put on LIPSTICK! I felt almost human again. I think it must be that crucial my-toddler's-just-reached-two-and-a-half stage that all mums go through. With daughter no.1 though, I was working full-time so I never had the chance to notice it.

Love A


Anonymous soulcompost said...

The Boden catalogue can be quite addictive, can't it? Just got a terrific pair of cords from them. So it's not just for girls.

8:08 pm  

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