Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First Eyes

What my mum said (by text message) in full, as promised:

Finished! Complex and well thought-out. We could send A and J out with the girls next Saturday whilst we talk about it. D & R can't make it. Are you coming Friday night? xx

I can therefore expect a more thorough verbal dissection on Saturday, which I will attempt to paraphrase for you. I should perhaps say that my mum has been a librarian for over thirty years and is currently Stock Strategy Manager for Leicester Libraries - that's why I wanted her opinion in particularl. I could have given it to my husband to read. In fact I offered him a look when it was only about fifty pages long - he didn't like it. Neither did my dad. I put a more recent printout on my husband's bedside table, it was about 75,000 words at that point. Well it sat, and it sat, and it gathered a little dust, and then a little more. Eventually I had re-written to the point where there was no use in him reading the printout as it was so out of date. I removed it. Nothing was said. I am still quite angry about it. He does read an awful lot, but not crime, perhaps he is afraid of not liking it and me being annoyed with him. Perhaps he is jealous that he can't give up work and live the life of a writer (and it is a good life - even though I haven't seen a penny yet - slow, meandering life that allows a person time to take in all the delicious details, both within and without).

Interrupted by phone call from mum. Uncle Andy dead. Reason unknown. Got to go.


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