Tuesday, June 12, 2007

84,630 Words

I've recently joined Facebook. I warn you, it's highly addictive - like Friends Reunited but with loads of space for photos and free messaging. It's amazing how many people will come and find you on it within days of joining. It's very strange to see those old faces again: different hairstyles, more or less tanned, fatter, thinner, greyer than you remember them, and yet their voices are wonderfully unchanged.

It's made me realise how provincial I've become, living up here. I hadn't exactly forgotten that London or Leicester existed - I hadn't quite re-centred my whole world view on Dewsbury just yet - but I had allowed these other places to shrink away gradually from my Everyday Life, until they were but blips on the radar. I feel like my world has suddenly expanded again. So-and-so doesn't just live in Wolverhampton, she LIVES there - her full-on 24-hours-a-day-7-days-a-week life is going on, concurrently with my own, with all its particular dramas, joys and difficulties, as are all the other anonymous lives on and off the website.

Re: The Book.
I've ordered the latest Writer's Handbook, and am well into the re-write already.

Love A


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