Sunday, May 13, 2007

65,654 Words

Overdrawn again and it's only the thirteenth of the month. I'm really torn between keeping up the pace with my book and trying to make money by other bits of writing.
I've sketched out half a dozen children's picture books in spare moments, usually in the school holidays when I don't have the significant blocks of time necessary to work on Amelia's Body. I haven't sent them out in any kind of organised manner. I'd have to spend valuable time improving the presentation: I'd need to re-draw most of the illustrations on better quality paper and spend money on having them properly photocopied. Then there's the time spent researching the right publishers and agents to send them to, the covering letters, the postage, the SAEs... It doesn't sound like much but it very quickly eats into both your writing time and your bank account.
I don't want riches, I'm just so tired of worrying about fitting in one last 'big shop' before the end of the month, not being able to get things fixed when they break down, praying secretly that the girls don't get invited to too many birthday parties. It's just exhausting.
He's finally had the 'all-clear' from the hospital. That probably isn't improving my mood.
I'm worried about my book. I think I'm trying to fit too much in. I read a review recently (I forget the name of the book) which said something along the lines of 'The author seems to be trying to write several books at once. One should not attempt to include every single good idea one has - some may be saved for later.' I have that problem. Maybe it will turn out David Mitchell-like: a patchwork of short stories, loosely sewn together. I'd be okay with that, after all, that's how life is.


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