Friday, May 04, 2007

62,122 Words

I've done the room, so how about me? My photo doesn't give away much. It's only partly because I don't tend to like most photos of myself, who does? It's more about anonymity. If I'm ever published, I'd prefer it to be under a pseudonym, although I realise that this blog and my other site provide plenty of clues to anyone interested in finding me but I have no interest in celebrity whatsoever. I never fantasise about going into a hotel or shop and hearing people say 'Hey, isn't that _____?' I've never wanted special treatment.

Well, I'm 5'6'', female, 30 years old. Short dark hair and greeny-brown eyes. Average really. Neither as slim as I want to be or as fat as I could be (if I ate what I wanted).
Husband, two kids, three hens, two rabbits, one cat - an inventory of my predominantly happy life.
First class honours in environmental science with energy engineering. Post-grad in climate change.
Likes: reading (of course), painting, film, theatre, summer festivals, cooking, wine, etc. etc. The usual stuff.
Currently reading: Death & a penguin, The children of men, Behind the scenes at the museum, Tender is the night
Listening to: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madeleine Peyroux, Radio 4
Notable talents: I speak Norwegian and I can still do a perfect cart-wheel after all this time, although sadly I can no longer manage the splits.
Currently wearing: a long black dress that I had from M&S to use as a maternity dress because it's cut on the bias and it's actually a size 22 so if you stretch it out it just grows and grows. I still wear it when I'm feeling lazy and I don't think anyone can tell. It's shrunk quite nicely after lots of washes. A ratty old tesco cardigan, hopelessly pilled but it has a collar that sits high up on the back of the neck and prevents that stiffness you get when sitting at a computer for a long time, so I sew it up every time it gets a trailing end of wool or a stray thread and hopefully it'll last forever. Some very fetching knee-high anti-DVT socks, because I've had varicose veins before and don't want them again. Underwear of course. Not my best.
So that's me on an average work-day.

Speak soon.
Love A


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