Friday, July 13, 2007

92,070 (ii)

Hi, nothing to report from mum yet, so I've begun researching my next book. It will be called CrashPad and it will be similar in structure to Amelia's Body, with two intertwining narrative strands. One strand is of course the investigation and the other is to be composed of the characters' memories of their gap year travels (which all go towards explaining what is happening to them in the present). To whit I have put out a general call for 'gap year/travelling stories' on my FaceBook and MySpace pages.

If you have a story to add then you can either post it here, as a comment to this blog, or visit one of the pages linked above. (You will have to register on one or other of the sites in order to comment, and for FaceBook you will also need me to confirm you as a 'friend' before you can see my profile or read any of the other stories posted there. I will aim to respond to all requests a.s.a.p.)

Love A


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