Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Countdown

Well, I confessed that it wasn't in a fit state to be seen, and have been given six weeks' grace (of which I have just over four left). So I'm furiously working on it every night and weekend. Unfortunately, half-term's coming up, so I'm likely to be too shattered to write. I'll just have to be really disciplined and force myself to use my usual 8-9pm slot for things like spell-checking and re-formatting - stuff that doesn't require much brain power.

More interestingly, my WriteWords group got set up. I am now the proud host of 'Intimate Moments', which is a specialist group (alongside such groups as 'crime & thrillers', 'women's fiction', 'teenage fiction', 'synopsis & outline', etc.) where people can post the sex scenes from their novels, for peer review. In the hope of avoiding The Bad Sex Awards, when and if we get published. It seemed to me like the part of a book that a writer was least likely to ask for advice on - I certainly was.

Well, the first couple of days have gone well. The double entendres are flying thick and fast. Things like:

'So, this is the kind of group you just join when you get to that stage in the WIP? I expect it'll be quite fluid. We can cum and go as we please?'

Of course, there have been all the ones about it [the group] being up already, plenty of gags about members, the 'thrust' of the new group, getting down to business, the name of the group sounding like either a box of pink ribbed condoms or even a brand of 'feminine wipe', depending upon whom you ask, etc. , etc. Oh, and someone pointed out that the open-mouthed 'shockie' emoticon, looks like it's about to perform some other sort of job entirely. :o

Hey, ho. They'll run out eventually. On the upside, we're already quite a diverse group, incorporating both male and female writers, gay and straight, so there's hope for us yet.

Love A


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