Friday, September 21, 2007

The endless re-writes

Hi, here it is, The Book.
I'm re-writing again, based on the advice I had from the agent who wrote last week. You see if I remove Stefan Maric's back-story from the prologue (which incidently I do think is a good idea because we don't hear very much more about him, except his re-occurring name, until half to two-thirds of the way through the book) I still have to include it somewhere and I don't want to just shove it in somewhere else. I think it needs to be sprinkled about a bit, and unfortunately sprinkling is a great deal more time-consuming than shoving.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More feedback from agents

This one was wonderful - a standard form letter, under which the respondent had made use of every remaining patch of white paper to give me the following (greatly appreciated) advice:

Dear A_________
Thank you for letting us consider 'Amelia's Body'. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work and I believe you write to a high standard. Sadly it is not for us though as it seemed like you were trying to squeeze in too many sub-plots for the reader to grasp and enjoy. I personally did not like the 1st prologue + would suggest you take this out, and only keep in prologue 'Amelia Owens: Victim'. The information on Stefan Maric is fascinating but would be better later on in the novel as it feels a bit thrown in. I also did not warm to to Caroline's diary extracts + would suggest you go from that single prologue straight to 'The Investigation' section page 15.
We deal mainly with commercial fiction and therefore prefer work to follow a commercial structure.
Best of luck with another agency.

What can I say?

Noted. Improvements already underway. Thanks C.B.

Love A