Saturday, February 17, 2007

51,874 Words

I'm still retracing my steps so forward progress is slow but it'll be worth it in the end.

I've been daydreaming my Desert Island Discs again. I thought I'd put them here so that I can have a good laugh if I ever do get successful enough to be invited on. Or I can cackle bitterly through my tears if I never get anywhere at all. Either way I can't remember how many songs you get - I'll do seven.

KIRSTY: "Well A, your fourth book, The Towers, set in medieval Milan, has just been nominated for the Costa and I think we can all agree that it's a far cry from the Leicester-based detective trilogy that first made your name back in 2007, tell me... were you already fluent in Italian or did you have to learn it in order to research this book?"
A: (provides witty yet succinct response, and reminds Kirsty that they actually met once, at an awards ceremony in 2003)

KIRSTY:"Why that's amazing! (of course she doesn't remember at all) Tell us about your first record."

My records:
1. Between the Bars, by Elliott Smith, sung by Madeleine Peyroux (my current favourite song)
2. Flower Duet from Lakme (the first piece of music to give me goose bumps - I remember seeing the BA ad as a child and asking "Mum, what is that music?")
3. Smells like Teen Spirit, Nirvana (the second piece of music to give me goose bumps: fifteen, house-party, bottle of Thunderbird with the top smashed off because we none of us had a corkscrew)
4. Faure's Requiem, because it reminds me equally of my late Grandad and his American cousin Gene, living 3000 miles apart they both loved this piece and both played it to me, each hoping to be the first.
5. Something by Portishead because it's so evocative of my later teenage years - a whole new sound (3rd set of goose bumps!)
6. Canon in D by Pachelbel, because we had it at our wedding, not caring in the least that everyone does. Why pretend not to love something, just to be cool? We also had Let's Stay Together by Al Green and karaoke! (We were 23 so you'll have to forgive us - it was a fun wedding though)
7. A cello concerto, perhaps Dvorak - to remind me that one day I intend to learn the instrument properly (I started at school but there was an incident with a soft cello case and a self-closing door and I was asked not to continue unless my parents bought me one of my own, which they were unwilling to do, perhaps understandably)

My book: If I could recapture the way I felt when first reading Jane Eyre, I'd probably take that but it ought to be a book I could read over and over, perhaps Midnight's Children. Actually, if it were allowed, I'd take my photo albums instead. I'm, assuming that I'm there without my children and family and I think they would be the only 'books' I could never tire of.

My luxury: my photo albums if she says they don't count as my book - otherwise chocolate.

And which record would I save? Well, if the waves are taking my stuff, chances are it's global warming and the sea will soon claim my entire desert island and me with it. So, if I'm about to die, I'll take Lakme please, with that music in my ears I could really believe in heaven.

Love A


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